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Frequently Asked Questions

Las Vegas Swim School

What makes Aloha Aquatics different?

Thats easy! It’s our Instructors! Our staff have competitive swim backgrounds, teaching experience, love kids and are enthusiastic about what they do! 

We require our entire staff to have current CPR, First Aid & AED , Red Cross WSI and Lifeguard Certifications. In addition, they receive a minimum of 160 hours (this is 4 times more than average) of instructional training shadowing one of our lead instructors in teaching our methodology. They also earn additional certifications through online and in classroom training throughout the year. We truly believe our instructors are some of the most giving, loving, thoughtful, and talented people around!

What ages can enroll?

We offer lessons for ages 6 months and beyond. Unlike other activities or sports, it is never too early or too late to start learning to swim! Learning to swim benefits you at any age, regardless of when you start.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is easy! Just call us to set up an evaluation (children ages 3 and up) so we can determine what type of class your child should be placed in. Once we determine your child’s abilities, we can find a class time that works with your busy schedule.

Babies and Toddlers 3 and under will automatically be placed in a Parent Baby/Toddler class.

No evaluation is needed as a parent will be in the water. 

How much does it cost?

Prices are calculated per student based on a yearly enrollment and is auto-billed monthly. Holidays and Scheduled Facility Closures are inclusive of your monthly tuition so you will be billed the same every month. 

Please contact us for pricing and availability for Swim Lessons, Water Aerobics or if your child has Special Needs.

**There is $25 non-refundable per student registration/anniversary fee that will be charged during the initial enrollment and each year thereafter on the month of the initial start date.

Do you offer Drop-In Classes or Trials?

We only offer classes to enrolled students with a minimum 2 calendar month commitment. Part of the fun for kiddos to bond, socialize and become comfortable with the peers in their class. Allowing drop-ins and trail classes disrupts the consistency and comfort levels we work to provide for our regular students.

What should I bring on my first day?

Please bring a towel, appropriate swim attire (no street clothes or anything cotton is permitted in the pool), goggles (optional- please make sure they are the appropriate size for your child), a reusable water bottle, longer hair should be tied up or in a swim cap. Don’t forget a big smile!

Every child 3 or under or any child that is not fully potty trained irregardless of age is REQUIRED to wear a reusable/washable swim diapers.(The diaper must fit snugly around the legs and waist with no snap closures)

Double diapers are recommended for very little ones. (reusable diaper cover over a water disposable diaper)

What if my child cries?

We understand It’s for hard parents to sit tight and watch when your child is crying for you during a class. We want to assure you this is totally normal for younger children and typically has to do with separation anxiety or being in a new environment with people they are unfamiliar with.  Our instructors might ask you to step out of view of the child so your child can focus on the lesson and create a bond with their instructor and peers. Remember, each child progresses at a different pace. Make sure to remain positive and upbeat about lessons and swimming. It’s so worth it once they develop a love of swimming lessons and the water!

If your child persists to cry after a few lessons,  we may suggest a class change or a different method to get them in the water and happy.

How long will it take for my child to  learn to swim?

There are so many variables to a child’s progress in swimming that there isn’t a general answer to this question. It depends on if your child loves the water or is fearful to get in, their desire to learn, and how they learn. Just like in other activities and developmental stages, different children progress at different rates. It also depends on what your goals are for them: is it just to get them water safe, or is it to be ready for swim team? The success in learning how to swim is consistency in attendance and we are therefore a year-round school.

What if I miss a class?

Regular attendance is encouraged but not required at our school. You always have the option of stopping by the office to see if we can find a better permanent day/ time that works with your busy schedule.

We ask families to notify us 2 weeks in advance if they are planning an extended vacation or have other family obligations that will cause them to be absent for their regularly scheduled class time. We will always do our best to accommodate expected absences with a temporary class switch based on availability or will try and offer another solution.

If your child is sick we must have 24 hour notice in order to try and reschedule your lesson. This gives us enough time to try and fill their spot or move the schedule around, at which point we are happy to try and reschedule. Unfortunately for scheduling purposes we can’t allow class switches for same day sick calls or no shows. We thank all families in advance for participating in giving proper advance notice so we can try to accommodate all families equally. Monthly tuition is to reserve a spot in a class, whether the child attends or not. We do not guarantee class switches.

What if I want to end enrollment?

We understand situations arise where you may need to stop your enrollment. 

If you wish to withdraw at the end of any given month a written withdrawal notice form must be completed by the 15th of the month to be withdrawn for the next calendar month. If a student withdraws from classes prior to the last class of the month, no refund will be provided for the unused tuition between the withdrawal date and the end of the month.