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Las Vegas Swim School


Tuition is charged monthly automatically to the payment card provided and are recurring until a written withdrawal form is submitted. Charges will occur on the 25th of each month for the next calendar month of lessons.

Withdrawing from lessons

Tuition fees are for a complete calendar month. 

If you wish to withdraw at the end of any given month a written withdrawal notice form must be completed by the 15th of the month to be withdrawn for the next calendar month.

Missed Lesson

Aloha Aquatics does not offer a makeup class for missed lessons. Your tuition is to reserve a spot in a class whether the child attends class or not.

TardyIf you are late to lessons, the instructor will teach for the remainder of the assigned lesson time. Lessons will not be extended to accommodate late arrivals. 

Emergency Pool Closure

If a class is cancelled due to an emergency facility closure, a pro-rated credit will be placed on your account and will be applied to your next monthly billing cycle or a makeup class will be scheduled for the missed class(es) due to the emergency closure.


Children must have an adult onsite during their entire lesson. Please do not leave children unsupervised. Only students are allowed in the pool/deck area.


Out of respect and privacy for our instructors and other families, videotaping is not allowed. Still photography may be taken of your child only. 

Diaper Policy

Every child 3 and under is REQUIRED to wear a REUSABLE swim diaper regardless if they are potty trained. The reusable/washable swim diaper must fit snug around the legs and waist.
Disposable swim diapers ( lil swimmers, splashers, etc) can be worn underneath the REQUIRED REUSABLE diaper but not instead of.