7 Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Children

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Without a doubt, swimming is one of the most overall beneficial exercises that humans perform. Like any skill, the sooner we learn it, the better we’re going to be at it when we’re older!

For that reason, swimming lessons are some of the most popular classes that children take outside of school, and for good reason.

Let’s talk about some of the many benefits of signing your child up for swimming lessons in Las Vegas this year!

1. Meeting Aerobic Exercise Needs

Childhood and adolescence are critical times for physical development, and exercise is an important fuel for that. The CDC recommends children receive 60 minutes of aerobic exercise each day, including running, jumping, riding bikes, or swimming.

Unfortunately, not enough children achieve this recommended amount, and it’s more challenging when they perform the same tasks every time.

For that reason, allowing children to try different activities like swimming will help them achieve a variety of exercises, a more well-rounded development, and find more enjoyment in their exercise routines.

Cardiovascular health, building lung capacity, and increasing their energy levels will have several benefits both in the water and the classroom. Aerobic exercise is known to improve memory, reduce stress and anxiety, and offer plenty of other great benefits!

2. Practicing Safe Strength Training

For children under the age of 16, strength training is widely considered unsafe. Well, not in every case.

Believe it or not, resistance training is just as important as cardiovascular training for both children and adults. However, it has to be done safely!

It is perfectly safe for children of all ages to perform resistance training with their body weight, as long as they aren’t placing too much strain on their muscles, bones, and joints.

Well, swimming is the perfect outlet for this, as the low resistance and high repetitions will place little strain on their joints while promoting muscular endurance and strength development over time.

Also, in swim classes, children will be taught to swim with proper form, which will ultimately prevent injuries or imbalances down the line and perform each functional movement properly!

3. Improving Social Development Skills

Children only get so much time to talk to their peers in school, and that time is even more limited due to the pandemic. For that reason, the more clubs and activities children take part in, the better.

During lessons, children may use the “buddy system” to teach or learn from their peers during every session. This type of social development exercise is entirely different from in a school setting, as children will have to rely more on body language, facial expressions, and commands than they would from a desk.

4. Goal-Setting & Skill Learning

Remember, everything your child learns now, at any age, will have a direct impact on their future. The lessons we learn as children stick with us, whether we realize it or not.

With that being said, learning to set goals for themselves and learn new skills is an important part of development. It teaches children grit and helps them develop a “go-getter” mindset they can carry with them throughout their lives.

While this may come as no surprise, teaching children how to set goals early on will help with future success, whether in school, careers, or personal relationships.

Also, any lessons that involve moving the entire body will help children develop their gross motor skills, especially from a younger age. This will translate well into any other sport they decide to pursue, other physical hobbies they enjoy, and even work opportunities later in life!

5. Safety

Swim lessons aren’t only safe because they have supervisors, but they help children stay safe outside of lessons.

Through proper swim lessons, children will learn how to operate around bodies of water safely. By learning these proper procedures, they can pass that information along to their peers and keep a safe environment during other activities.

6. Improved Sleep

Another critical aspect in a child’s development is their sleep. Of course, children of different ages will have different needs, but most children require between 9 and 12 hours of sleep every night.

For this reason, children need exercise to help balance their sleep schedules. This will lead to improved concentration, energy levels, stress reduction, as well as other benefits to their academic, home, and social lives.

7. Mental Health Benefits

Swim lessons, along with learning any new skill, help to improve a child’s confidence.

During swim lessons, children will learn to overcome their fears, various challenges (physically, mentally, and socially), and develop strength and endurance over time. All of these lead to a boost in confidence.

Not only that, but exercise also has multiple benefits to mental health, including reducing stress and anxiety, which are all critical during development. Exercise helps balance our critical brain chemistry, helping us feel happy and calm throughout our daily lives.

Well, maintaining this balance from an early age can help prevent developmental delays and disorders.

Sign Up for Swimming Lessons in Las Vegas

Now that you know the benefits of swimming lessons in Las Vegas, give your child the chance to learn to swim in the right setting. Give them a new hobby and skill to enjoy throughout their development and beyond.

Plus, it’s like riding a bike. If you find the best swimming lessons for your child, they will take what they’ve learned through the rest of their lives.

Stay up to date with our latest tips on swimming and feel free to contact us with any questions!